Welcome to "It's Only Common Sense", an exclusive PCB007audio column featuring commentary by Dan Beaulieu, a well-known industry writer and columnist who has written sales and marketing columns for Circuitree, Printed Circuit Design & Manufacture, U.S. Tech, and Printed Circuit News. Visit Dan's columnist page for written versions of these columns.

Dan is also a feature article author who writes about various board shops and how they perform in the industry. Dan has over 30 years experience in the PCB industry. He is considered one of the industry's top marketing and sales experts, as well as perhaps the strongest and most focused strategist in the industry.

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Since co-founding D.B.Management Group, Dan has worked personally with numerous companies in the circuit board industry, including: Prototron, Rockwell Collins, IBIDEN, Circuit Images, RBP Chemical, Taiyo- America and many others.

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Each month we are sending out a package to companies providing them with plans, strategies,  tools and tips all designed to help companies in our industry, and all free of charge. For example, this past month we sent out a plan on how to get the most from your rep partnerships. Next month we will be sending out a plan on how to market your company. If you are interested in receiving this monthly help package just contact Dan at danbbeaulieu@aol.com

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