Happy’s Essential Skills: Computer-Aided Manufacturing, Part 2 - Automation Examples

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The Sunnyvale, California PCB facility was built in 1981 and had even more factory automation than Palo Alto, California facility did. The many systems it had were:

  • WIP tracking
  • CNC for drilling
  • Low-volume robot lamination
  • Wastewater treatment process control
  • AOI and Electrical Test
  • Production scheduling
  • Computerized plating and chemical control
  • Laboratory automation of chemical analysis
  • Inkjet individual board serialization for traceability

Figure 14 shows the overall CIM System Information Flow. This was the first implementation of HP’s automation strategy, “The Manufacturers Productivity Network.”


Figure 14: CIM information flow for the Sunnyvale PCB fabrication facility.

Figure 15 shows four of the automated systems controlled by the CIM network: a) Electroless copper and multilayer desmear line; b) Dual copper-nickel-gold/tin plating lines; c) Automatics chemical analysis, control and dosing; d) Robotic material handling in multilayer lamination.


Figure 15: CIM information network: a) Electroless copper and multilayer desmear line; b) Dual copper-nickel-gold/tin plating lines; c) Automatic chemical analysis, control and dosing; d) Robotic material handling in multilayer lamination.


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Happy Holden has worked in printed circuit technology since 1970 with Hewlett-Packard, NanYa/Westwood, Merix, Foxconn and Gentex. He is the co-editor, with Clyde Coombs, of the recently published Printed Circuit Handbook, 7th Ed. To contact Holden, click here.


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