AT&S Supervisory Board Chairman Advocates More Trade in Services to Upgrade Chongqing Economy

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Dr. Hannes Androsch, AT&S Supervisory Board Chairman, is a member of the International Economic Advisory Council (CMIA) of the Mayor of Chongqing, China, the largest city of the world. At the 11th Annual Meeting of the CMIA, Androsch delivered a keynote speech focusing on trade in services as a main driver for Chongqing’s sustainable future development under the “Made in China 2025” national policy.

He emphasized Chongqing’s role not only as an important manufacturing base, especially for electronics and in particular semiconductors but also as a main hub for many strategic industries, based on the “Made in China 2025” strategy: core electronic components, the Internet of Things, robots and smart equipment.

In order to achieve the development from currently product-oriented towards more service-oriented manufacturing and climb up the value chain, increased trade in services would represent the next development step for Chongqing.

Androsch proposed a two-pillar strategy to drive trade in services in Chongqing: Technology – and here especially collaboration along the whole value chain as a key driver and facilitating foreign investment as well as building up a pool of the best talents for Chongqing as a second pillar.

At the annual meeting, Androsch also shared his best practices as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of AT&S: the adoption of mobile communications technologies for production, cloud computing, and “big data” analyses to boost capacity utilization, uptime, plant efficiency and automation level, and more flexible production. Production at the new AT&S plants in Chongqing is managed and controlled with data via MES (Manufacturing Execution System). It significantly improves the process and administration, and brings increased productivity, quality, accuracy and precision.

Great award for member of the local AT&S management

Recently the Magnolia Gold Award, the most prestigious award for expatriates in Shanghai, was given to a member of the local management of Chongqing: Mr. Chen-Jiang Phua, AT&S Business Unit Mobile Device & Substrates CEO, who is also responsible for the AT&S plants in Shanghai, was awarded due to his positive contributions to Shanghai’s economic and social development by the Foreign Affairs Office of the Shanghai Municipal Government.

It is the first time that an executive from an Austrian company has received this high-status award.



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