Cirexx Develops High-Heat Flex Circuits with HT Material

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Cirexx International now commercially offers a line of flexible circuit products that employ the recently developed DuPont Pyralux high-temperature HT material. The HT material is designed to operate at temperatures of up to 225°C, making the flex circuit ideal for high-heat environments such as aerospace fire controls, downhole oil and gas exploration, and automotive under-hood and medical autoclave applications. 

Cirexx engineers worked closely with DuPont engineers in the development of the HT materials.  Several trial runs of specifically designed experiments were established to observe, learn and apply the limits and capabilities of this new material.  Cirexx engineers correlated the resulting data and added along a number of process techniques all of which resulted in the fabrication of a line of high-heat flexible circuits.  The material requires some specific special processing – lamination presses capable of reaching and holding temperatures of 600°C – and must be uniquely engineered for stability for each application. 

The Cirexx High-Heat Flexible Circuits are available in all of the common constructions – single-sided, double-sided, multi-layered and rigid-flex and represent the highest temperature rating of any flex circuit material system available.  It allows the user to enjoy the traditional benefits of a flex circuit – light weight, smaller, point-to-point customer wiring and miniaturization – while surviving a high heat environment.                 

About Cirexx International

Founded in 1980, Cirexx International, Inc. is an electronic solutions company offering PCB Design, PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly of high-reliability Printed Circuit Boards, RF/Microwave Circuit Boards, Flexible Printed Circuits and Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards. Recognized as a time-technology leader, the company offers a genuine Quick Turn service and provides a one stop shop and all in-house solution known as Seamless Integration. Cirexx has expertise fabricating high layer count Printed Circuit Boards using a variety of substrates including a wide array of high-frequency RF-based materials in mixed (hybrid) constructions. Cirexx delivers unsurpassed quality and support to a large array of customers in the high-reliability markets of defense/aerospace, industrial, and medical instrumentation.



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