Saturn Electronics Installs Phoenix HDI AOI System

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Saturn Electronics Corporation, a manufacturer of advanced bare printed circuit boards, recently installed a Camtek Phoenix HDI AOI system for scanning high-density, complex PCBs. The system's new optical technology provides flexible light coverage by combining a superior image with customizable detection requirements. The Phoenix HDI’s cutting-edge image acquisition and advanced software capabilities provide exceptional detection and impressive non-critical defects ratio. 

“We are proud that Saturn Electronics has chosen Camtek’s latest AOI solutions to support their business goals, including high-quality performance, ease of use and low resource consumption,” said Camtek USA Technical Director David Ravivo. “We welcome the opportunity to support our loyal partner with state-of-the-art AOI solutions.” 

Yash Sutariya, vice president of Saturn Electronics, noted, “We are glad to have partnered with Camtek to upgrade our entire AOI department. The intelligence behind the Camtek software makes these machines 2x−3x as productive as the ones we replaced. As such, we were able to replace three units with just two Camtek units, providing instant ROI.” 

The Phoenix HDI AOI system was designed to support high-volume manufacturing of HDI and high-end PCBs. 

About Saturn Electronics Corporation

Saturn Electronics Corporation is a Top 10 North American PCB fabricator. Saturn Electronics manages the nuances between quick-turn prototype boards and high-volume PCB production while offering industry-leading, lead-free circuit boards that meet RoHS compliance. For more information, visit




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