Holders Technology UK Secures Exclusive UK Distribution Rights for Blu Pad and White Pad

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Holders Technology UK Ltd., a distributor of materials and consumables to the PCB industry, has secured rights for Blu Pad and White Pad.

Interface Performance Materials is the German based manufacturer of Blu Pad (215gsm & 350gsm) and White Pad 400 (1.0mm thick).

Blu Pad materials are the latest innovation in the field of thermal control during multilayer bonding. The pads consist of evenly formed heat resistant textile fibres, are easy to handle and reduce the time needed to lay up a press load.

White Pad 400 is particularly designed to deliver the cushion performance required by Flex- and/or Rigid Flex PCB laminators. It consists of evenly formed pure cellulose fibres which are lint free. Due to its excellent fibre quality and outstanding formation properties, it guarantees best possible lamination results also for high layer counts.

For further information, or to request a datasheet, please email mfacchini@holdersgroup.com, or call 01896 758 781. 


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