Open Letter to PCB Executives

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From: IPC’s Raymond E. Pritchard Hall of Fame members

Do you really want to know?

  • The status of 3D prototyping for MLBs
  • What it takes to become a supplier of boards to the automotive industry
  • How a smaller independent fabricator can survive in today’s competitive world
  • How to get service after the megamergers are done and suppliers have moved major assets off-shore
  • How to leverage results working with consortia
  • What’s really going on in the PCB industry in China

If you are a top executive of an independent fabricator or supplier, or manage a subsidiary PCB operation/division or supplier company, and wish to prepare for the changes that are sure to come, then the IPC’s PCB Executive Forum is for you.

Monday, February 13, at IPC APEX EXPO 2017 in San Diego, California

Do not be left out and left behind! This is a one-time event planned just for you.

The time to register is NOW!

Contact the IPC’s Kim DiCianni to register:; phone: (+1) 847-597-2827


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