Innovative Circuits has Immediate Success with Hakuto Mach 6630NP Dry Film Laminator from Matrix Electronics

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After almost five months of operation, Innovative Circuits Inc. reports that their new Hakuto Mach 6630NP Auto Dry Film Laminator is meeting their objectives and more. 

Amir Davoud, Business Development Manager for Innovative, elaborated by saying that Innovative is a concept-to-completion board house renowned for their ability to quickly fabricate high reliability rigid, rigid-flex and flex circuits. They combine this with comprehensive engineering support throughout the process. Acquiring the new 6630NP laminator has been a definite advantage to improving Innovative’s overall success. The 6630NP has made them stronger in two areas by providing greater reliability while cutting cycle times. 

The engineering team, Tony Steinke, Operations Manager and Dale Lovell, Chief Engineer also reported on further specific benefits. 

  • Yield Increase - Innerlayer opens have been reduced by 27%
  • Ease of Operation

Our previous method of film lamination would require extensive employee training and experience to work in this area. The 6630 has cut the “get up to speed” time greatly and has allowed them to have more employees cross trained and be proficient in its use. 

  • Quick Film Changes - the new cassette film loading option has reduced film changeover by 50%
  • Productivity
  • An increase in productivity directly related to the 6630, the main reason cited being fewer mechanical issues than in the past 

Dale specifically emphasized the new ease of use and reliability of the machine and stated there are fewer chips in the developer solution and there is no film wrinkling. 

To date, Matrix has installed eight new systems and all customers are reporting positive results. 

Fred Long, Matrix Business Development says, “The new Mach 630NP Series machines address the accuracy needed to assist in the Direct Image (DI) transfer of very fine lines on the latest HSLL laminates using super low profile copper surfaces. This is made possible by the new lamination module with its even heat and even pressure across the entire surface of the laminated panel. In addition, the ability to change the rubber lamination rolls in seconds will not only increase productivity but will also offer alternative “quick change” rubber solutions for different product needs. The complete redesign of the film lamination approach will now begin to reach the most important users of this latest technology. Matrix is eager to show manufacturers that by using the new system, productivity and yield will now surpass all traditional ROI expectations.” 

About Matrix USA Inc.

Committed to the motto, “Quality Products, Dependable People,” Matrix was established in 1977 with the objective of providing quality raw materials to the North American printed circuit board industry. Matrix has four rapid-response warehouses located throughout the US and Canada that fulfill high quality, fast delivery, and custom orders daily. For further information, click here.

About Innovative Circuits

Innovative Circuits was founded in 1998 with a vision to build a new type of board house. Taking advantage of Atlanta's emerging technology sector, we strategically situated our 28,000 square foot facility in Alpharetta, GA. and equipped it with state-of-the-art equipment. The objective was to provide our clients with a level of technical service and quality unseen in the industry. Today, Innovative Circuits remains true to that original vision and thrives by fabricating rigid-flex, flexible circuits and multilayer rigid circuit boards. Visit



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