Schweizer Board Removes Dr. Maren Schweizer

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In today's supervisory board meeting, the supervisory board revoked the appointment of Dr. Maren Schweizer as member and as chairperson of the management board of Schweizer Electronic AG with immediate effect.

The business units Operations, Sales & Marketing, Global Supply Chain and the division Systems, for which Dr. Schweizer was responsible, will be managed by the members of the board Nicolas-Fabian Schweizer and Marc Bunz until further notice.

About Schweizer

Schweizer Electronic AG stands for state-of-the-art technology and consultancy competence. SCHWEIZER’s premium printed circuit boards and innovative solutions and services for automotive, solar, industry and aviation electronics address key challenges in the areas of Power Electronics, Embedding and System Cost Reduction. Its products are distinguished for their superior quality and their energy-saving and environmentallyfriendly features. Together with its partners the company offers in its division electronics cost- and productionoptimised solutions for small, medium and large series. 

With about 770 employees SCHWEIZER achieved sales of 115.6 million euro in Fiscal Year 2015 (ending December). The company was founded in 1849, is managed by family members and listed at the Stuttgart and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges.


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