Elmatica Boosts Technical Capacity in Poland; Hires Patryk Fedorowicz

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With a sharp increase in general demand and requests for technical assistance for advanced products, Elmatica has employed a new Technical Engineer in Poland, with over 15 years experience.

"To be able to meet the increasing demand of business in Europe, an expansion of the Technical Department is necessary. We are so pleased to have Patryk Fedorowicz onboard. His background and experience is just what we have been looking for. Elmatica has always focused on finding some of the most knowledgeable and experienced individuals for our Technical Department, as this is a sought after resource from our customers and partners", says CEO of Elmatica, Didrik Bech.

Patryk Fedorowicz has since 2001, worked at Techno-Service, a polish PCB Manufacturer. He will focus on technical assistance in the engineering phase, prior to production.

"As we know this is a continuous development regarding PCB, especially when it comes to advanced design, specifications and standards, where the end result is improved feasibility and usability", says CTO of Elmatica Jørgen Bakke 

"A new colleague dedicated to these processes, with extensive experience in PCB, who speaks Polish and English is something we have been looking for. We recognize that our partners appreciate local language and European support, when they are addressing complicated or classified data. This is an increasing phenomenon for all industries as protecting information is a highly important aspect in our digitalized workday. Business in the defence sector with NATO-countries, often with regulations as DFARS and ITAR sets clear standards for what and how we must handle data, this employment is in accordance with those regulations", says Bech. 

About Elmatica

Elmatica was established in 1971 and is the oldest broker of PCB in the world. Delivering to 5 continents and 39 countries with over 10 000 orders per year, to both small family businesses and companies listed on the stock exchange. With over 46 years experience in the industry, Elmatica has a unique understanding of the market by procuring on three continents. We are honoured by being selected to chairing several new independent standards in our industry, with organizations as IPC and NEMI. Elmatica’s products include consulting, procurement, manufacturing and logistics. Elmatica is all about the future of PCB.


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