Coast to Coast Circuits Now Offering Single-Sided PCBs

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Coast to Coast Circuits is now offering single sided PCBs at its Rochester, New York location. The company’s North American customers now have a domestic option for their single-sided PCB needs. 

"Over the years of collaborating with our customers and helping them with their high-tech printed circuit needs, we have frequently been asked if we could supply a more simple technology as well. Finally, out of dedication and loyalty to our customers, we decided to investigate the possibility of fulfilling these needs," said Walt Stender, Coast to Coast Circuits President and CEO.

"We conducted research to gauge the market demand for North American manufactured single-sided and double-sided PCBs, not requiring plated through-holes, with a focus on speed and price. The results were conclusive that there is a very large demand for this particular technology. After a thorough internal evaluation, we are confident that we can offer the best value and fastest turns in the industry by utilizing a fully automated process. As we like to say, 'repeatable and consistent quality in as little as 24 hours, right here in the USA.'"

About Coast to Coast Circuits

Coast to Coast Circuits specializes in the manufacture of bare printed circuit boards (PCBs), flex and rigid-flex circuits, and IC packaging substrates. We are also the established leader in LCP PCB design and manufacture. For more information, go to


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