Lab Circuits Acquires New Laser Unit

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Lab Circuits has substantially expanded the capacity of its Machining Department with the deployment of a new Laser CombiDrill unit made by the German firm Schmoll Maschinen. 

The main features of the CombiDrill are:

  • Implementation of a dual system that combines a UV laser with high-frequency pulses of up to 20 W with a CO2 laser. By combining both of these in this way, high-quality and efficient drilling can be performed.
  • A CCD camera recording system with LED ring-light achieves optimum contrast and there is an advanced system to correct the panel’s offset, rotation, dilation, and shrinkage.
  • An automatic process control system. Variations in the surface’s height and panel thickness are recorded and automatically compensated for.
  • An integrated loading/unloading process for the panels that allows us to increase production capacity.

Xavier Angel, the technical director at Lab Circuits, was sure that ‘this unit marks a very significant step forward and will undoubtedly allow us to take on new challenges and provide solutions to the most technologically demanding problems, both in terms of the development of HDI technology, as well as for the processes of cutting special materials for the manufacture of Rigiflex’.


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