FCCL Maker Taiflex Posts 31% Revenue Growth for February

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Taiflex Scientific Co. Ltd, a provider of flexible copper-clad laminate (FCCL) for the flexible printed circuit industry, has announced consolidated revenues of NT$724 million ($23.3 million) for February 2017, down by 6% month-on-month but an increase of 31% year-on-year.

Revenue for the electronic materials segment totaled NT$375 million ($12.07 million), down by 17.2%, mainly due to the current inventory level was higher before the Chinese Lunar New Year vacation. Revenue for the PV division totaled NT$342 million ($11.01 million), up by 12.2% on month.

Cumulative revenues for the first two months of the year was NT$1.494 billion ($48.1 million), nearly flat from the same period last year. The EM segment revenue was NT$829 million ($26.69 million), slightly up by 0.2%, while the PV revenue totaled NT$647 million ($20.83 million), down by 1.3% YoY.


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