INTEC TIV to Use Electra Polymers Solder Mask for New Direct Imaging Schmoll MDI

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Long-standing Electra Polymers customer INTEC TIV have recently approved the EMP110 DI colored solder mask for use on their recently acquired Schmoll MDI. EMP110 DI, with its range of colors and fast exposure speeds, has been able to considerably increase INTEC TIV’s production capacities in the area, as well as reducing production time for PCBs. 

According to INTEC TIV, the exposure speed of the EMP110 DI colored solder mask versus the fine feature capability was perfect for their production needs. 

Ashley Steers, sales manager for Electra in Europe, commented, “EMP110 DI is available in a variety of colors, not just green. Currently we are supplying red, blue and black DI solder masks to the market in order to fit a wide variety of needs.”


Since the beginning in 1973, the company INTEC TIV has been the biggest Slovenian manufacturer of printed circuit boards. Decades of experience, know-how and development of a technologically advanced production line are the basis of our production of highly complex (HDI – High Density Interconnect) prototype printed circuit boards. In compliance with the highest current environmental and technological standards, our products are becoming the blood vessels of the modern technology’s products.   

About Electra Polymers Ltd 

Since 1984 Electra has been a leader in the development of advanced specialty polymer products for use in the global printed circuit board (PCB) and related Electronics manufacturing industries. 

Today we provide major PCB and Wafer Level Packaging manufacturers worldwide with polymer resist products and our capabilities in conductive ink technology increasingly reach into the Printed Electronics sector. 

Using our extensive laboratories and a flexible range of partnership/development models, Electra provides off-the-shelf products, bespoke materials and contract R&D services to a wide range of industry sectors and world-class OEMs. 

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