Cirexx Acquires Another ATG Flying Probe Tester

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Cirexx International has acquired and installed an eighth ATG Flying Probe Tester machine. The new machine is the A7 model, which has eight test heads and a 24” X 20” test area. It has four high resolution cameras for very high speed testing.

The A7 is capable of testing the complete line of Cirexx products including HDI and RF/microwave PCBs as well as flex circuits and rigid-flex circuit boards. It can also perform what is commonly known as a "Hi-Pot" test at up to 1,000V. This high potential measurement of dielectric withstanding voltage is sometimes required on advanced and defense/aerospace products.

Philipp Menges, president and CEO of Cirexx, said, "We have been flying probe testing since 1997. Due to the fixture-less processing, it is the most efficient way to test PCBs in a quick turn environment."

The new machine increases Cirexx test capacity significantly and will allow the company to keep up with growing demand for their QTA advanced product and services. Cirexx has been a leader for years in the quick turn marketplace for complex PWBs and flying probe testing is a key component of that service. The company has long had a policy of testing 100% of the products they make whether the customer has asked for, and is paying for, the service.

Menges added, "We have worked very closely with ATG over the past 20 years and have developed a strong relationship that reflects both of our company’s values and dedication to our customers."

About Cirexx International

Founded in 1980, Cirexx International, Inc. is an electronic solutions company offering PCB Design, PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly of high-reliability Printed Circuit Boards, RF/Microwave Circuit Boards, Flexible Printed Circuits and Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards. Recognized as a time-technology leader, the company offers a genuine Quick Turn service and provides a one stop shop and all in-house solution known as Seamless Integration. Cirexx has expertise fabricating high layer count Printed Circuit Boards using a variety of substrates including a wide array of high-frequency RF-based materials in mixed (hybrid) constructions. Cirexx delivers unsurpassed quality and support to a large array of customers in the high-reliability markets of defense/aerospace, industrial, and medical instrumentation.


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