Aismalibar Increases Production Capacity for FASTHERM Laminates

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Aismalibar has significantly increased their production capacity for their line of FASTHERM® laminates. In 2016 Aismalibar saw a significant increase in demand for FASTHERM primarily driven by the automotive lighting sector.

FASTHERM was developed by Aismalibar to achieve a faster thermal transition from the LED thermal pad to the heat sink. This superior thermal transition can be achieved by using the entire COBRITHERM HTC product range with either a copper or copper-aluminium base. By using Aismalibar COBRITHERM HTC range together with Fastherm technology, LEDs operate at a temperature 30ºC to 50ºC lower due to the direct thermal transition from the thermal pad to the heat sink.

Jeff Brandman, president at Aismalibar North America, said, “As the demand for thermal management products increases Aismalibar continues to increase our product offerings and production capacity. FASTHERM compliments our COBRITHERM HTC line of products and allows manufacturers to significantly lower the operating temperatures of cutting edge products.”

About Aismalibar

Aismalibar was one of the first IMS laminate manufacturers in the world and was the first in Europe. Aismalibar is proud to have introduced their material to the North American market in 2012. Their product IMS COBRITHERM is a qualified and recognized Insulated Metal Substrate which gives the best thermal management solutions with high thermal conductivity, low thermal impedance and high dielectric capacity. Aismalibar has implemented a 100% proof test with 1-3KV (High Pot Test) to all IMS laminates coming out of their plant. This is the only way to insure the dialectical strength is perfect and that production challenges are detected before PCBs arrive to the end user. The AISMALIBAR production plants, as well as COBRITHERM, COBRISOL and IGAV are trade registered trademarks and factories held by GABRIEL BENMAYORS.A.


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