MacDermid Enthone Electronics Solutions Releases Affinity ENIG 2.0

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MacDermid Enthone Electronics Solutions, a MacDermid Performance Solutions business, announces the release of the Affinity ENIG 2.0 process, a high reliability, low variation electroless nickel immersion gold plating process. Affinity ENIG 2.0 meets the stringent reliability requirements while also providing significant cost benefits to our customers. 

Evolved from a combination of the best technologies of our legacy companies and developed using strict six-sigma process methodology, Affinity ENIG 2.0 is the next generation ENIG process from MacDermid Enthone Electronics Solutions. The ability of Affinity 2.0 to provide excellent solderability, uniformity, and reduced waste, including gold consumption, while adhering to all IPC finish requirements makes it a natural choice for PCB fabricators manufacturing for automotive and telecommunications OEMs. Moreover, Affinity 2.0 is able to deliver process consistency so every pad is the same.  

John Swanson, Director of Final Finishes, MacDermid Enthone, noted, “The Affinity 2.0 development represents an excellent example of the combined skills and potential of our recently joined companies. Affinity 2.0 brings our customers best in class ENIG reliability, most notably through unmatched nickel corrosion performance and superior gold metal distribution. We look forward to demonstrating the cost and reliability value of Affinity to PCB fabricators, assemblers, and end users throughout this year.“ 

About MacDermid Enthone Electronics Solutions

MacDermid Enthone Electronics Solutions researches, formulates and delivers specialty chemistries used in the world’s leading electronics. Our products and technical support provide solutions for the most complicated, micro scale circuitry challenges. From wireless devices to automotive and military electronics – in everything you see, and in many things you don’t – MacDermid Enthone is there. 

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