Uyemura Announces New Senior Management

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Tony Revier, President of Uyemura USA, has announced several important changes to the company’s executive management team. 

Effective May 1, Richard DePoto is Manager of Business Development, Dr. David Liston is Director of Operations, and Mark Eonta is National Sales Manager.  In addition, Don Gudeczauskas was recently appointed Vice President.  

“These appointments are part of our ongoing commitment to seamless succession planning at UIC,” according to Revier, “and we’re pleased to have identified the best individuals to assume leadership in this world-class organization. 

“Each of these individuals is well-known in the industry, with a strong technical track record, a history of association participation, and exceptional skills in developing solutions to customer needs,” he adds. “This, along with the institutional tenure they share, makes this new team eminently qualified to lead and grow our company.” 

Don Walsh, a 20-year veteran of UIC, and most recently its Director of Operations, had announced his intention to retire, effective June 30. “Words cannot express my deep appreciation for all that Don has accomplished for UIC - and myself personally,” says Revier.  “We are profoundly grateful for his remarkable vision, and wide-ranging capabilities.  His contributions have been a huge part of what has allowed Uyemura to evolve into the global leader it is today.”  

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