Four TUC FR-4 Materials Now Listed Under UL

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George Hsin, chief strategy officer of Taiwan Union Technology Corp. (TUC), has announced that the company now has four products listed as FR-15.1 in their UL file.

FR-15 listed products are FR-4 base materials that have tested to have 150°C electrical and mechanical relative thermal indices (RTI). The electrical and mechanical RTI is determined by the Long Term Thermal Aging program by UL. Recently UL has established a new definition FR-4 which extends the maximum operating temperature (MOT) from 130°C to 150°C.

TUC’s four products listed as FR-15.1 includes the TU-862 HF FR-15, TU-865 FR-15, the TU-862T FR-15, and the TU-863+ FR-15 (Thunderclad 1). These FR-4 type products all can be used in boards operating between 130°C and 150°C.

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