IEC Delivers ATG A5 Test Machine to Lazer-Tech

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International Electronic Components Inc. (IEC) has delivered an ATG A5 test machine to Lazer-Tech. This premiere tester of printed circuit boards provides enhanced measurement and quality testing prior to distribution to customers through the use of a tension shuttle and top of the line testing capabilities.

“We’re looking forward to the improved speed and quality of our current testing capabilities that come with the addition of the A5,” said Jamie Armitage, president of Lazer-Tech. “It will help drive our competitive advantage in the marketplace by improving productivity as our business continues to shift toward high mix low-medium volume multi-layer orders. The addition of the A5 to our current test department will help Lazer-Tech continue to deliver a high-quality product to our customers with shorter lead-times.”

“We’re excited to see Lazer-Tech invest in the A5. It ensures the best productivity, most efficient operation, and best test quality and accuracy for printed circuit boards,” said Klaus Koziol of ATG, the manufacturer of the A5.

The A5 machine combines economic and affordable test systems with step motor drive technology to provide product testing that ensures the highest quality printed circuit board prior to distribution for assembly. The machine’s eight test heads and pneumatic tension shuttle allows for efficient and cost-effective testing of flexible and thin boards.

About IEC

International Electronic Components is the printed circuit board industry’s longest-serving distributor. With over fifty years in the PCB industry and extensive continent-wide customers, IEC prides itself on creating lasting partnerships to provide leading edge chemistry, imaging products, substrate materials, manufacturing and test equipment.  IEC Canada and IEC USA have proven sales, service and supply chain network across North America.

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About Lazer-Tech

Founded in 1968, Lazer-Tech’s vision and commitment to excellence and high quality products is supported largely by their truly customer-centric approach. Their focus on customer satisfaction combines proven reliability with advanced engineering and processes to ensure easy integration of their products with clients’ demanding applications. Lazer-Tech’s driving force continues to be their customers while adapting to the demanding advancements in technology where their focus is on higher layer counts up to 20 layers.

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About ATG and the A5

ATG, an Xcerra company, is the leading supplier of electrical test solutions for the printed circuit board industry. Their mission is to provide reliable, cost-effective testing solutions to their clients.

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