Merlin Circuit Technology Invests in Schmoll MDI

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Merlin Circuit Technology, part of the Merlin PCB Group, has purchased and installed the Schmoll MDI for direct imaging primary layer patterns and solder mask, using various masks and ink types.

The Schmoll MDI uses field-proven UV-LED technology that combines a multiple wavelength system and precise registration accuracy. The MDI provides Merlin with a flexible imaging system to increase overall productivity that will enhance the production of high-technology printed circuit boards required by our end-customers in the aerospace, defence, medical and industrial sectors.

The MDI eliminates film related defects such as scratches & dirt particles, and increases accuracy with the use of dynamic linear motors mounted on a granite base. The compact foot print & easy to use operator interface enables the MDI to fit seamlessly into Merlin’s already impressive manufacturing facility. Additionally with the dynamic depth of focus used on the MDI we are able to process panels with high topography demands seen on high layer boards containing exotic materials.

This major investment shows Merlin PCB Group's commitment to the UK electronics industry and its rigid PCB plant based in North Wales, and it continues its partnership between Schmoll and Merlin PCB Group, which has been a highly valued customer since 1995.


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