Sunstone Circuits Named One of Top 10 Healthiest Employers of Oregon

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Sunstone Circuits has been named as one of the Healthiest Employers of Oregon for the fifth consecutive year. This annual award is presented to companies that promote the value of workplace wellness and offer employees an innovative and engaging wellness program. Sunstone placed 5th in the “medium sized employers” category – those with 100-499 employees.

The Healthiest Employers of Oregon and HR Leadership awards are sponsored and produced by The Portland Business Journal and rewards companies for outstanding innovation and implementation of their own executed wellness programs. The Business Journal honored 60 companies in 2017, for their efforts to improve and engage employees in their own health and well-being. The Healthiest Employers and HR Summit took place on August 17, 2017, at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Portland.

“Our wellness program is designed to have something for everyone,” said Human Resources Manager Sheri Kuretich. “It’s unique in that it offers wellness in many forms – not just focused on physical wellness, it’s aimed at the entire scope of individual wellness. Our program focuses on many areas of employee wellbeing; physical and mental health, financial awareness and safety to name a few. Offering education, fun events and challenges – the program has something for everyone. Sunstone continues to work on motivating each employee to be the best they can be, helping us all to recognize that a happy and healthy person is productive and fun to be around. They miss less work and their quality of life improves at work and at home. A key component is the fact that employees recognize each other’s accomplishments and are all very motivating and supportive of each other, which is one of the key factors in our program’s success. Participation comes from all levels of the organization. We encourage small changes that can be incorporated into a daily routine, which creates long term healthy habits and lifelong changes.”

Sunstone Circuits earned this award for the fifth year in a row by maintaining a formal wellness program to encourage healthy life styles. Employees were required to make a visit to their own physician for an annual exam in order to receive a reduction in their health insurance premiums each month and were encouraged to participate in the planned monthly health challenges. The independent judges also acknowledged Sunstone’s onsite walking trail, fitness room, employee health initiatives, and company organized participation in local running and walking events. Sunstone has had several employees make lifestyle changes to improve their health and be more active and engaged in their workplace and community environment.

About Sunstone Circuits

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