Pioneer Circuits to Showcase Flex Circuits for Space Applications

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To showcase its continuous innovation in PWB manufacturing, meant to prepare for and support future space program advancements, Pioneer Circuits, Inc. announces its attendance at the 34th Space Symposium at booth 1437.

“Our industry is projecting rapid and expansive growth in the upcoming year,” said Robert Lee, CEO of Pioneer Circuits, Inc. “Even now, we are experiencing a reinvigorated space race that includes sending astronauts to the moon and to Mars… What we build is absolutely significant and requires an unmatched level of quality and workmanship… This is why we need to put forth our very best into our products and services.”

The Space Symposium has brought together space leaders from around the world to discuss, address and dream about the future of space for over 30 years. This year’s Space Symposium will be held at the Broadmoor Hotel’s Ball Aerospace Center at 1 Lake Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80906. The event starts Monday, April 16th and ends Thursday, April 19th. For information on registering for the event, visit:

With many emerging technologies within the Space Sector, it is important for all related industries to continue to develop its technology to keep up with the sector’s changing needs. The Space Symposium gives innovators of the Space Industry a place to meet with suppliers and other partners in order to broaden their knowledge of what is possible and bring this knowledge together for continued advancements for space.

About Pioneer Circuits, Inc.

Pioneer Circuits professionally delivers advanced, high-reliability flex and rigid-flex printed circuit boards and printed circuit board assemblies. Founded in 1981, we are a small-business with a big history of innovation. We work with customers such as NASA/JPL to co-engineer new technologies for the Deep Space, Satellite, Avionic, and Military sectors. Pioneer Circuits has a long history of manufacturing advanced PWB’s for space and continues its Research and Development with space to find new materials and capabilities for future space applications. For more information, click here.


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