Bittele Electronics Unveils New French Website

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Bittele Electronics Inc, a Canadian-based manufacturer of prototype and small-quantity printed circuit boards, has released a French version of its website to ensure that its PCB manufacturing customers in France, Canada, and other French-speaking regions have convenient access to its PCB fabrication and assembly services.

Customers fluent in French can easily read about Bittele's Turn-Key PCB manufacturing services, offering the ability to get immediate quotes and submitting online orders in the French language.

"Bittele Electronics has a worldwide list of customers so it made sense to release a French version to deliver our services to an expanding and prominent list of customers in both France and Quebec, Canada," stated Ege Borluoglu, Marketing Coordinator of Bittele Electronics. "We feel that the French version will be an important resource for interacting with our French speaking customers as they become more aware of Bittele's PCB manufacturing capabilities."

Bittele's French version is identical to its English version. It also offers detailed information about Bittele Electronics' manufacturing services, technical competencies, component sourcing, and order fulfillment.

About Bittele Electronics

Bittele Electronics offers partial and full turn-key PCB assembly services. The full turn-key service consists of component sourcing, online order monitoring, PCB fabrication, quality control verification and total assembly. For those customers desiring to supply their own fabricated PCBs and/or a partial bill of materials, Bittele offers a partial turn-key service consisting of any additional component sourcing and complete PCB assembly based on a client's specifications. All of Bittele's services are supported by comprehensive quality control. Its manufacturing plants are ISO9001-certified. Bittele Electronics complies with IPC-A600 and IPC-A610 Acceptability of Printed Boards standards. PCBs are assembled at Bittele's manufacturing plant, based in Shenzhen, China, which uses the most sophisticated assembly equipment in its advanced assembly facilities.

The French version of Bittele's online portal can be found here.


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