Enigma Interconnect Celebrates 45 Years in PCB Manufacturing

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The team at Enigma Interconnect celebrated the past, present and future of this printed circuit board  manufacturer whose roots are firmly established in Western Canada. Throughout the evening, accolades were given to the dedicated, innovative and hardworking Enigma team that brings their extensive knowledge and loyalty to the company’s growing base of customers.

When you consider that the oldest known circuit board was manufactured in Canada in 1971, it is impressive to know that Enigma Interconnect was quick to start manufacturing bare printed circuit boards in 1973. The company has grown from its beginnings to 40 employees working in over 35,000 sq. feet of manufacturing space in Burnaby, BC. The Enigma team is comprised of nine individuals who bring a combined total of over 286 years of manufacturing service with the company – an impressive 29 year average per person. John Parsons, engineering manager at Enigma Interconnect, acknowledged Keith Herd as having the longest tenure at the company with over 41 years of service.

Mark Pillon, P.Eng. and president, spoke about Enigma’s traction for sustainability and success, “Enigma Interconnect has taken significant leaps in technology and the services provided to customers and we remain dedicated to strengthening the company’s solid foundation for continued growth.”

Long-time Enigma customers were delighted to provide congratulations to the company on its 45th anniversary, including: Algo Communications, AvtechTyee, Anodyne Electronic Manufacturing, Delta Controls and Dorigo Systems. Enigma Interconnect was consistently acknowledged by customers as always delivering on what they promise.

Doris Meadley, sales manager, presented Enigma’s corporate highlights spanning the past 45 years which concluded with the expansion of Enigma into the East coast of Canada with a sales office in Ottawa headed by Rudy Deochand. Enigma Interconnect now has over 250 active customers and is poised for continued growth.


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