LPKF Launches PCBPrototypingMachines.com Microsite

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LPKF announces the official launch of its new microsite www.PCBPrototypingMachines.com.

There’s a lot to know about PCB prototyping machines. How much do they cost? Which machine is right for you? What substrate materials do they process? How can you use them?

LPKF has pulled together all of the answers and insights you need, while providing you a fast path to getting cost information via its step-by-step PCB system selector tool. This microsite is an all-in-one, convenient guide to PCB prototyping machines which offers several informative briefs, company spotlights on milling and laser machine usage, blogs, FAQs about PCB prototyping machine attributes, and PCB design approaches.

Included among the content is information on how to write a capital equipment business case for a rapid PCB prototyping machine. The site offers a template and sample data to get you on your way fast to making a solid case for this kind of capital investment. LPKF’s popular tech briefs: “Nobody Gets Fired for Bringing Rapid PCB Prototyping In-house” and “PCB Substrates: Matching Your Design to the Right Material and Prototyping Process” also offer valuable insight and answers to the common questions facing both engineers and managers alike.

About LPKF 

Established in 1976, LPKF Laser & Electronics manufactures milling machines and laser systems used in circuit board and microelectronics fabrication. LPKF’s worldwide headquarters is located in Hannover, Germany and its North American headquarters is in Portland, Oregon. For more information, click here.

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