Excellon Installs Laser System at Coast to Coast Circuits

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Excellon has installed a COBRA-II Hybrid Laser System at Coast to Coast Circuits Inc.’s facility in Rochester, New York. Coast to Coast is a US-based company specializing in the manufacture of bare printed circuit boards (PCBs), flex and rigid-flex circuits, and IC packaging substrates.

The Excellon COBRA-II Hybrid Laser System offers both UV and CO2 (IR) laser sources on a single platform. A large work area offers added capability for those companies running high density prototypes and production PCBs.

“Placing the Excellon COBRA-II in New York was a timely decision. We are vastly improving upon our quick turnaround offering by reducing our lead-times. Additionally, we now have control and ownership over all unique processing steps for exotic materials and technologically-advanced rigid, rigid-flex, and flexible PCBs, FPCs, and substrates,” said Ed Porter, president and CEO at Coast to Coast. “We have completed several significant facility and capability upgrades in New York, which have been providing excellent results. Our team in New York is as strong as ever and we continue to grow due to the concerted effort of our team and genuine support of ownership. We are excited about the future of Coast to Coast Circuits and looking forward to another great year.”

Mike Sparidaens, vice president of sales at Excellon, said, “The COBRA-II Hybrid Laser System can handle the most challenging rigid and flexible circuit board designs. The system is well known worldwide for its reliability and capability. We are excited to have the second system installed at Coast to Coast Circuits facilities."

About Excellon

Excellon, a U.S. based, employee-owned company, is recognized worldwide as a leader in installed PCB drilling systems with products ranging from single and multiple station mechanical drilling machines to hybrid laser precision via formation and routing systems.


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