Zhen Ding, Flexium Gearing Up to Develop Antenna FPCBs

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Taiwan-based PCB makers Zhen Ding Technology and Flexium Interconnect are both gearing up to develop flexible PCBs for smartphone antennas to tap great market potentials. According to a Digitimes report, they reportedly have been reached by Apple Inc. to supply antenna FPCBs using modified PI film as an alternative material to liquid crystal polymer (LCP) involving much higher cost and harder to incorporate.

Digitimes’ sources said that another Taiwan flex PCB maker Career Technology, contracted by Apple to supply LCP antenna FPCBs for iPhones, has reportedly suffered a slow progress in producing LCB-based antenna FPCBs, driving Apple to cut orders for Career and source non-LCP FPCBs from other suppliers. Career has denied the reports, saying that the production of LCP antenna FPCBs is faring smoothly and shipments to Apple will kick off in late July as scheduled.


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