A.C.T. Appoints Horizon Sales to Handle Midwest Sales

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A.C.T. (USA) Int’l LLC. has appointed Horizon Supply Group to represent the company in the upper Midwest.

“With offices in Ohio, Michigan and Illinois, Horizon Supply Group, I am confident that David and his team of sales professionals are going to do a great job representing A.C.T in that all-important region. Theirs is one of the most professional sales organizations I have ever met. I feel privileged to have them representing our company,” said Jack Gemmell, president and owner of A.C.T. (USA) Int’l LLC.

“Speaking for the entire team at Horizon, I can say that we are thrilled to be working with a A.C.T, we already feel that the synergy between our two organizations bodes well for our future success,” added David Trail, president and founder of Horizon Supply Group.

About A.C.T. (USA) International LLC

A.C.T. (USA) Int'l has been dedicated to the manufacture and supply of high quality printed circuit boards since 1994. Local support - worldwide production, providing value beyond savings.

A.C.T. is finding ways to capture value beyond traditional production activities. We design for production from the start and leverage the latest technologies to accelerate development. From design to production, A.C.T. provides full service solutions.

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About Horizon Supply Group

Horizon Supply Group is the Mid-west’s leading distributor for all of your electronics manufacturing and assembly needs. We offer same-day shipment on many of our products. Whether you need solder, fluxes, hand tools, soldering/de-soldering stations, anti-static protection, cleaning chemistries, inspection equipment and more, Horizon Supply Group has a product for you!

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