Gardien Taiwan Offers High-Speed Flying Probe Testing

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Gardien Taiwan has expanded their flying-probe tester capacity to 20 high-speed machines to offer their valued clients high-quality testing services.

Gardien’s new probe machines offer ultra-high-speed testing at 6,600 test points per minute, and a high accuracy of 40 µm pitch and 20 µm pad. To help meet increasing quality demands, these machines are equipped with additional software to run buried resistor and capacitor testing.

The machines operate in Gardien Taiwan’s clean environment. Top-of-the-line air showers and clean rooms ensure particulate contaminants are quickly and effectively removed from both people and products. Clean environments contribute significantly to higher product quality and lower operating costs.

Gardien Group has been offering its services in Taiwan for more than 30 years and has been recognized for technical excellence and comprehensive client support. They are committed to continuing to offer the same (or even better) high level of service that clients have come to expect. Gardien believes that their success depends on their customer’s success and helping them to reach their true potential by working in direct partnership with Gardien. Gardien’s competent and experienced team continually works to develop, design and enhance their products and services.Gardien1.jpg

About The Gardien Group

Gardien is the world’s largest provider of independent testing and QA solutions to the PCB industry with a global footprint across 24 service centers in 5 countries. We cater to the testing and QA needs of the entire spectrum of customers from small family owned PCB shops to large international fabricators. For more information, click here.



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