Tagarno to Continue Focus on the American Market

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With 37 sales reps from 16 companies across the US and parts of Mexico, TAGARNO USA is today covering the entire US electronics market of digital microscopes for visual inspection.

As the main force behind TAGARNO, experienced Sam Armstrong is excited to see the very positive development the company has taken since he started TAGARNO USA back in 2013. “TAGARNO has come a long way since the introduction of the digital microscope to the electronics market and is a very visionary company with great ambitions for the future” Armstrong commented.

Sam has great experience in building extensive networks of reps and distributors and believes that relationship building and good communication are key elements when establising a great sales network in the US.

”We will continue to increase our focus on the US since it is one of our biggest and most important markets today and will continue to be in the future,” says TAGARNO CEO Ole Lind Terkelsen.

Meet TAGARNO USA at the annual SMTA International show in October at booth #1024. Along with this show, TAGARNO is always present on the annual IPC APEX EXPO taking place in January 2019.


TAGARNO’s digital microscopes are used for visual inspection of printed circuit boards. Using high-definition cameras and user-friendly software interfaces, the digital microscopes magnify and analyze printed circuit boards in excellent image quality. For more information, click here.




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