Saturn Webinar: Auditing Your PCB Supply Base for Reliability

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Saturn Electronics Corporation will hold a PCB reliability webinar on Friday, November 16, 2018, at 10-11:30 am EST.

The webinar, “Auditing your PCB Supply Base for Reliability: Tips and Tricks from an Insider,” is inspired by the technical presentation given by Saturn at the SMTAI in Rosemont, Illinois.

Auditing a PCB fabricator can be very difficult given the differences in methodologies between suppliers. Furthermore, the complex process typically enables primarily procedural audits.

In this technical session, we aim to “pull back the curtain” to teach auditors how to ask simple questions that drive critical answers towards the reliability of a potential supplier’s products.

Presenter Yash Sutariya has been in the PCB fabrication industry for the greater part of his career in many positions from the manufacturing side to management and will share his “tricks and tips” for auditing PCB fabricators.

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