PCB Makers Trialing AI-based Recognition Modules to Support AOI

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Taiwan-based PCB makers are trialing AI-based recognition modules to hike accuracy for automatic optical inspection (AOI), according to a Digitimes report. AOI captures images of semi-finished products based on machine vision and determine whether they have defects based on machine learning. AOI is widely used in the PCB sector, taking up 64% of AOI use and followed by display panel industry with 15%.

To achieve high yield rates, PCB makers usually set strict parameters for AOI. AOI equipment is sensitive to ambient light, and can make wrong judgments under interference of slight external light. As a result, AOI has an over-screening rate of 70%, that is, 70% of AOI-determined defects are actually not defects. PCB makers have to conduct labor-based secondary inspection following AOI.

To solve the over-screening problem, the PCB manufacturing industry is trailing AI-based recognition modules to aid AOI. AI-based recognition modules can self-define the scope of defects based on AI-based learning, and efficiently determine if there are defects.



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