Candor Builds 3 Mil Space Selective Hard Gold PCBs with Full Sidewall Coverage in Five Days

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Toronto PCB fabricator Candor Circuits has recently produced selective hard gold printed circuits boards with full sidewall coverage, at 3-mil spacing in just five days.

“Candor prides itself with the ability to respond to and manufacture complex PCB build requirements quickly.  Recently we have encountered a larger number of customers that require selective hard gold for contact in connector/bga areas, with via in pad technology. The spacing requirements necessary for these boards require advanced imaging technology to handle the registration, as hard gold does not etch. Candor’s advanced technology and technique allow for consistent etch resist and even allows side walls to be hard gold plated,” said Sunny Patel, Candor’s technical sales manager.

“Many of our customers need a quick-turn solution for rapid processing of evaluation boards and prototypes. Our unique process eliminates several steps, which typically add lengthy processing time. This, combined with a simplified process philosophy, allows our customers get even their more complex boards on time,” Patel continued.

Candor strives to continue pushing the boundaries of complex PCB fabrication and encourages anyone with difficult projects to contact them directly for more information about building their boards.



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