Dan Feinberg: A CES 2019 Preview

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Another interesting device was the My Parcelguard for safe package delivery. For anyone concerned about delivered packages being stolen, this unit allows far more secure delivery. After all, having your Ring doorbell take a souvenir picture of someone stealing your newly delivered order from Amazon does little to get it back.


Figure 6: Safe package delivery.

Another evolutionary gadget is the mini selfie drone. It is a tiny drone that has self-return and good picture-taking features. This pocket drone could be considered the 2019 selfie stick.

CES19-7-selfiecamera.jpgFigure 7: Mini selfie drone.

Another device in the same category is the connected cycling helmet. It can track you and provide notification of location or an emergency. Further, its fiber construction appears to provide excellent protection, and it looks high-tech.

CES19-8-connected-helmet.jpgFigure 8: Connected cycling helmet.

There were updated devices from Ring, lots of other door cams and security devices, and numerous add-ons for smart homes with most of them saying that they are safe from spying on you. In addition, I saw new quality low-cost headphones, smartboxes, and cartoonish-looking robots (I hope to see more impressive robots at the show later this week). In addition, there were updated monitors, soundbars and, in general, improved devices for just about anything you already have or are aware of.

One category that may actually be revolutionary is medical devices. Using apps on your smartphone and a peripheral are medical diagnostic devices. PDCheck provides a small device and software that lets you do your own eye exam. It also generates a prescription for your next eyeglasses. I used it to run the diagnostic, which took under five minutes. The results matched my present glasses exactly.


Figure 9: Eye checkup app.

Other medical self-diagnostics included a brain scan, urine incontinence test, and just about everything in between. Perhaps this segment may create some revolution in the medical checkup field. Of course, caution was provided that these should not take the place of normal checkups with a real doctor.

In addition to medical, holographic images floated in the air, and a number of laptops from various computer manufacturers were revealed including some new low-end Chromebooks and so much more. CES Unveiled may not have had a large number of revolutionary announcements, but there is no doubt that things are progressing overall and becoming more capable and reliable with more options to choose from. This was a good start to what I am sure will be a very interesting week.

Stay tuned for coverage on revolutionary announcements from the NVIDIA event as well highlights from the CES Media Days.


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