U.S. Circuit Purchases Third DI System from Technica USA

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Technica USA reported that U.S. Circuit Inc. (USC) of Escondido, California purchased their third CBT/MLI DI system recently. This technology will be displayed at the upcoming IPC Exhibition in San Diego.

“Our business keeps growing and it is requiring us to expand our capacity and capabilities. One of the areas we needed to expand was in Imaging, especially in the area of solder mask. Our focus and efforts were to become 100% DI dependent. DI imaging technology has made some dramatic improvements to the consistency, quality and efficiency of our PCB manufacturing operation and we are very pleased to have standardize our DI platform on the CBT/MLI technology.  We have kept a close eye on other equipment available in the DI market and are even more convinced that the CBT equipment is the most reliable, the most accurate and most capable.  I am most impressed with the fact that CBT continues to advance their technology at a rapid pace, keeping up on the technological demands placed on our industry,” said Mike Fariba, president of U.S. Circuit Inc. (USC).

“Technica and CBT appreciates the confidence that U.S. Circuit has placed in our two companies. USC continues to make investments to stay on the leading edge in technology.  We are pleased to have been given another opportunity to work closely with them to ensure they get the full benefit of their investment,” Frank Medina, president of Technica USA, stated. 

“The other major factor to standardizing on the CBT technology is because of the level of support Technica provides to our company. They know their product and the DI process very well. Our recent purchase of the third CBT/MLI DI is a testament to the technology, performance and the support we have experienced,” Fariba concluded.

About U.S. Circuit Inc.

For over 33 years, U.S. Circuit has been a premier supplier of commercial PCBs and for the past several years a supplier for the military and aerospace market. U.S. Circuit has experienced continued growth in a challenging economy through consistently high performance, on-time delivery, superior quality and an emphasis on the highest level of customer service. U.S. Circuit is proud to be the circuit board manufacturer for more than 400 growing companies.

About Technica USA

Technica, USA provides the highest quality equipment and process materials, manufactured worldwide, for the printed circuit board fabrication and assembly markets as well as the microelectronic, photovoltaic and printed electronics markets.  



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