Flexible Circuits Adds DIS Direct Optical Registration

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Flexible Circuits Inc. has officially added DIS Inc’s latest rigid-flex and flex PCB technology. The RFS system went through rigorous testing not only to prove its ready for production but redundancy as well. Surpassing the expectations with RFS 001 we are also pleased to announce that RFS system 002 order was placed and will be installed come February 2019.

"With the use of DIS Inc’s RFS layup system along with Flexible Circuits extensive knowledge in lamination, new insight has been brought to material movement and artwork compensations in multi-layer PWB fabrication. The use of this system has eliminated countless variables within the layup and lamination processes to allow for layer-to-layer alignment with precision accuracy that is required in today's high reliability HDI market." Jay Sergo, director of technology, Flexible Circuits Inc.

Direct Optical Registration allows for optical alignment of PCB inner layers during the lay-up process of multi-layers and sequential build-up technology, eliminating the need tolerances and variability inherent in manually punching and pining layers prior to lamination. The aligned multi-layers are welded together with SmartWeld™, the patented coupled induction welding system developed by DIS Inc.

In addition, Direct Optical Registration provides the opportunity to utilize X-ray inspection to quantify registration of welded multi-layers prior to lamination.

Come see the RFS first hand at this year’s IPC APEX Expo, booth 704

About Flexible Circuits Inc.

Flexible Circuits, Inc. (FCI) is a world-class, Veteran owned business that designs, engineers, manufactures and does the mixed technology assembly of flexible circuitry Types I, II, III, IV. Located in Warrington, Pennsylvania, FCI has been in business for over 55 years and produces complex, high-reliability flexible circuitry and flex circuit assemblies to the military and aerospace industries. FCI produces hardware on many different platforms for systems such as radar, satellite, naval, missile and missile defense, land armament and fighter jet programs. Flexible Circuits, Inc. is a critical supplier to many of the largest military/aerospace OEM's in the world like Raytheon, BAE, Lockheed, Northrop-Grumman, DRS, Boeing, UTC, L3 and ATK/Orbital to name a few. FCI is an ISO-9001 and AS-9100 certified company with other certifications including Mil-P-50884, IPC-6013, IPC-6012, and J-STD 001.



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