Excellon Installs 136L Intelli-Driller/Router at NOVA Drilling Services

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Excellon announces the installation of a 136L Intelli-Driller/Router at NOVA Drilling Services Inc., located in their new state of the art facility in Milpitas, California.

The Excellon Intelli-Drill System offers tremendous flexibility for those companies running prototypes and production PCB’s requiring vision alignment for improved drilled hole accuracy.

NOVA Drilling Services, Inc., has been in the printed circuit business since 1977. Micro drilling, laser drilling, fabrication, back-drill and rework on both bare and loaded PCBs, small and large jobs, customer satisfaction is their main goal.

“The reliability of the 136L Intelli-Drill/Router System ensures the system is up and ready for use day in and day out.  Even with serious competition from other single spindle vision drills the ease of use, backward compatibility of the CNC-7PC and accuracy of the 136L platform beat out the other offerings. We are very excited NOVA Drilling has selected Excellon for their operations,” said Mike Sparidaens, vice president of sales.

Excellon, an employee-owned company, is recognized worldwide as a leader in installed PCB Drilling systems with products ranging from single and multiple station mechanical drilling machines to hybrid laser precision via formation and routing systems. Visit Excellon’s booth #101 at the IPC APEX SHOW 2019.



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