Circuit Connect Chooses atg Flying Probe for High-speed Test

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atg Luther & Maelzer GmbH has inked an order for high-speed bare board testing technology from a New England supplier of ready-to-assemble (unpopulated) printed circuit boards.

The atg A5NEO, eight-head, double-sided, high-speed, high-accuracy flying probe test system has been ordered and installed by Circuit Connect of Nashua, New Hampshire. The new acquisition will enable Circuit Connect to test some of the latest multilayer, fine-pitch PCB designs with pad sizes down to 50 microns, and board sizes up to 25” x 21”.

Circuit Connect CEO Rick Clutz said, “The atg A5 adds to our capacity and aids in our mission of providing a mixture of wide ranging designs, small quantity, quick-turn lots, nonstandard construction and mission-critical quality.” 

atg’s A5 testers utilize eight test heads (four per side), multiple optical recognition systems, and a wide variety of advanced, high-speed electrical test measurement techniques to electrically test all types of PCBs for continuity and isolation. Special options such as four-wire Kelvin test, hi-pot test, latent defect test, and others can be provided.

Circuit Connect, established 1990, is a leading supplier of advanced PCB products.  Circuit Connect's credentials include ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ITAR, JCP and others.

About atg Luther & Maelzer GmbH

With more than 150 employees worldwide, atg Luther & Maelzer is the leading supplier of electrical testing solutions for the printed circuit board industry. We have solutions for every application regardless of product type, batch size or technology deployed. Our atg flying probe tester products are renowned for automation, speed, accuracy, versatility and ease of use, while the Luther & Maelzer universal grid tester product range is known worldwide for high throughput, repeatability, gentle handling and precision accuracy.



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