CPCA Show and productronica China 2019 Review

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productronicaChina2019.jpgAfter spending two days at the CPCA Show, we made our way over to productronica China. This event is co-located with several other events, including SEMICON China, electronica China, and FPD China. The crowds were very large, and every hall was buzzing with activities on all levels. IPC also took part in productronica China, hosting their ever-popular hand soldering competition. With over 60 participants from 31 companies, the competition showcased the talent of the local workforce. Li Wang from Glarun Technology Co. Ltd won the event with a score of 444 (a perfect score is 445). She will now move onto the next event competing against other winners. Eventually, the few who do win the regional event will compete for the title in San Diego, California, at IPC APEX EXPO 2020.

I also had a chance to catch up with Phil Carmichael, president of IPC Asia, and he shared that the IPC membership in Asia now represents about one-third of the total IPC membership. This growth is not by accident. IPC has put a lot of effort into growth in this region and has hired a strong team of individuals to help it continue.


Another noteworthy feature at both of the shows was the amount of automation and robotics on display. An entire hall was dedicated to showcasing the latest in robotics, from the simple loader to the more complex. One booth had a full automated café offering drinks and cupcakes prepared and served to order by robots. If nothing else, this hall represented the future of Chinese manufacturing. Watch the following video that highlights all of the automation on display.


However, robots alone do not drive the future. The smart factory concept was also on full display in every hall, including IPC with a strong representation of CFX. Although there are a lot of ideas and offerings around smart factories, there are still even more questions in the mind of the marketplace. One thing is clear—the day of the operators are numbered as the simple path to smart manufacturing emerges.


Click here for the official productronica China 2019 press release.


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