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News from EIPC

- Program Available! EIPC Summer Conference Leoben 2019

- Review Day 2 EIPC Winter Conference Milan 2019

News from Germany

- Ventec Upgrades ISO 7 Aerospace-standard Prepreg and Laminate Clean-room Facility in Germany

- Smart Systems Integration 2019 Once Again Offers Numerous Highlights

News from Norway

- All in Space is Not Rocket Science – Golden Cooperation Between Newcomer SatRevolution and Expert Elmatica

News from the UK 

- WNIE Live 2019 – Call for Papers!

News from the USA 

- Aegis Software Removes Critical Impediments to Industry 4.0 at SMTconnect 2019

News from WECC Members

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Suggested Items

iNEMI’s PCB Roadmap Explained

05/01/2020 | Pete Starkey, I-Connect007
In an informative and enlightening webinar, iNEMI Project Manager Steve Payne was joined by Isola Group CTO Ed Kelley to explain, review, and discuss the details of the recently published “iNEMI 2019 Roadmap for Organic PCBs.” Pete Starkey provides an overview.

Isola’s Travis Kelly: Maintaining Continuity of Supply

04/13/2020 | Barry Matties, I-Connect007
On April 9, Barry Matties spoke with Travis Kelly, Isola president and CEO. Travis gave an update on Isola’s responses to the COVID-19 challenges in materials manufacturing. Travis pointed out that Isola’s products fill a critical need in the switch to medical equipment manufacturing for ventilators and related products. He also spoke to the three keys to maintaining continuity of supply.

Institute of Circuit Technology Spring Seminar 2020

03/11/2020 | Pete Starkey, I-Connect007
Back to Meriden, the nominal centre of England where the daffodils were blooming. A good crowd made it to the spring seminar that followed the Annual General Meeting of the Institute of Circuit Technology (ICT), with five specialist presentations and excellent opportunities to network with their peers in the industry. Pete Starkey shares his overview of the event.

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