The Digital Layout: Designer Highlights From IPC APEX EXPO 2019

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This column brings you designer highlights from IPC APEX EXPO 2019 in San Diego, California, and a brief report out from the IPC Designers Council Executive Board meeting that occurred on the opening day of the show floor.

This year’s IPC APEX EXPO was another great show with 5,000+ attendees from 56 countries and 440 exhibitors. Overall, there were 9,796 visitors, attendees, and exhibitor personnel. Similar to past shows, the IPC subcommittees were filled with lots of collaborations, passionate discussions, debates, and positive synergies among talented engineers and subject matter engineers (SMEs), helping to improve our industry standards and make a difference. These are the people who volunteer their time and mold our industry.

A good example of one of these engineers and SMEs is Leo Lambert. Leo has been involved with IPC for many, many years in numerous subcommittees. He is the VP and Technical Director at EPTAC Corporation and became the 2019 IPC Hall of Fame inductee for all of his efforts and contributions to the industry. I know Leo personally and feel very blessed to call him a colleague and true friend. If you have not had the opportunity to engage with Leo or meet him at one of our many industry events, he is one sharp individual with tons of industry experience and knowledge that he wants to share with others. Congratulations, Leo!

IPC DC Executive Board

The IPC DC Executive Board meeting took place on January 29. Executive Board members in attendance included Gary Ferrari, Mike Creeden, Cherie Litson, Kelly Dack, Thomas Romont, and me. We also had Michael Schleicher, a guest representative from Germany, in attendance. Further, Dr. John Mitchell, Dave Hernandez, Colette Buscemi, Teresa Rowe, Aaron Birney, and Charlene Gunter du Plessis represented IPC. After several exhausted attempts to no avail, we were unsuccessful in getting a video conference call pulled up for executive members calling into the meeting due to their unavailability to travel to attend in person, such as Rick Hartley, Susy Webb, Reiner Thueringer, and Soo Lan Cheah.

To read this entire column, which appeared in the March 2019 issue of Design007 Magazine, click here.



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