Elmatica Welcomes Max Brosnahan as Senior Technology Developer

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“We have seen the need for this position for quite a while, and finally we can announce after an extensive search, that Max Brosnahan has joined our team as a senior technology developer,” says CEO of Elmatica Didrik Bech. “We are pleased to welcome Max into the Elmatica family. His experience from advanced software engineering, operating and developing new systems, and also taking care of data and security fits perfectly with our further development of the company.”

Digitalization of the supply chain is an important project for printed circuit broker Elmatica and raises the bar for having the best IT developers on the team.

A Different Challenge—PCBs are Not Simple

“Contracting to Elmatica and working with the team on systems handling printed circuit data, was quite different from anything I had done before. The complexity has a very strong technical aspect to it, more so than my previous projects. PCBs are not simple”, says Brosnahan.

Brosnahan has lately worked on automating and modernizing IT systems, developing product data import systems and has for numerous clients established a variety of web-based purchasing and identity platforms. He lately automated ClearChannels out of home advertisement systems and developed a web-based purchasing system for Alterra Mountain Company.

The Futures Advantages Offer Further Growth

“At Elmatica we have lately focused a lot on developing our own IT systems, however, we are, and will always be a broker of printed circuits with some of the best and most experienced technical advisors onboard. Still, to further develop and grow, we take the enormous advantages Artificial Intelligence, APIs and automation offers, implement them into our systems, and is, by this, able to offer our customers better security, transparency and predictability. For that, we need excellent developers like Max”, says Bech.

Brosnahan is very pleased with his new colleagues and impressed by the complexity and the knowledge around printed circuits.

“The depth of knowledge from the technical team is extremely impressive. Whenever I think I have a handle on a small detail there are always caveats or additional information they can provide which clearly shows I am only scraping the surface. It is a fantastic group of people to be working with. Looking forward to doing great work together”, Brosnahan finishes.

About Elmatica

Elmatica was established in 1971 and is the oldest broker of PCB in the world. Delivering to five continents and 39 countries with over 10 000 orders per year, to small family businesses and companies listed on the stock exchange. We are honored for being selected to chair several new task groups for independent standards in our industry together with IPC.



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