PCB Specialists Add Clout to Bowman Partner Network

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Two experts in PCB fabrication, Richard Hegg and Scott Griggseach the owner of a company that represents top manufacturers of PCB chemistry, tools, and equipmentare the latest additions to the Bowman Partner Network, a global alliance of distributors and rep firms.

Hegg and his company, ROH Sales, are based in Lake Bluff, Illinois, and will manage sales and service for Bowman XRF systems in Illinois and Wisconsin. “The Bowman line is clearly the right product at the right time, thanks in part to IPC specification 4552-A,” says Hegg. “ENIG, and what’s required to do it efficiently, is always part of the conversation,” he adds, “and there is strong interest in ENEPIG as well with IPC 4556.

“Bowman is strong among board shops because it truly listens to customers," he continues, "and it's building its brand fast among OEMs. People also recognize they have a great service organization, which is a huge advantage.”

Griggs and his company, International Process Technologies (IPT), have become the Bowman Partner company for Minnesota.  Based in Minneapolis, IPT focuses on both the PCB and metal finishing industries. In regard to the former, “4552 and the ENEPIG specs have tightened,” says Griggs, “and made accuracy more important than ever. This bodes well for Bowman equipment because it tells you immediately if you’re meeting those specs.

“As a chemical vendor, I’m always asking how the plating bath is working. I’ve also seen the chaos that ensues when foreign-made XRF equipment goes down and the customer is unable to get supportor even a return phone callfor weeks.

“Bowman has a stellar support reputation. They are the only American-made XRF, so sales and support are here. I recommended Bowman long before I came onboard. I think that as the market moves into 5G and other high-frequency applications, and thin nickel processesand no-nickel processeshaving highly accurate measurement will only increase in importance.”

Both rep firms will offer XRF equipment demos at customer locations and at Bowman headquarters. In addition to XRF equipment sales, both companies will sell Bowman single-layer foil reference standards.

About Bowman

Bowman is a leading manufacturer of precision XRF coating measurement systems with a robust local service network that provides a same-day response for every benchtop XRF requirement. Equipment evaluation, selection, commissioning, maintenance, and modernization are provided for users of all Bowman instruments as well as other major XRF brands.



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