MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions to Exhibit at JPCA

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MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions will be exhibiting at the JPCA Show being held during June 5-7 at the Tokyo Big Sight West Hall, Tokyo, Japan. This will be the first time that MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions as a combined business will exhibit in the region.

MacDermid Alpha’s Circuitry and Assembly Solutions’ experts will be available to discuss effective chemical and material solutions providing process predictability and smooth scale-up at every step in the manufacturing of electronics. Our wet chemicals form the physical circuitry pathways, and our assembly materials join those pathways together supported by innovation and quality manufacturing.

The MacDermid Enthone brand of circuitry solutions products will be highlighting MacuSpec HT 360, their newly released high throw DC acid copper, as well as the industry leading immersion silver process - Sterling, direct metallization – Blackhole, and organic solderability preservative - ENTEK PLUS HT.  The Alpha brand of assembly products will be highlighting ARGOMAX silver sinter technology.  All of the products being showcased enable efficiency, cost reduction and increased reliability.

The newly formed MacDermid Alpha Automotive team will also be present.  This market focused group drives system level automotive innovations from the breadth of materials technologies from each of our Electronics divisions. Data-driven solutions offer design and engineering capabilities to reduce vehicle weight, increase electric vehicle power density, enhance safety critical systems and integrate electronics for interior display. 

About MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

Through the innovation of specialty chemicals and materials under our Alpha, Compugraphics, and MacDermid Enthone brands, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions provides solutions that power electronics interconnection.  We serve all global regions and every step of device manufacturing within each segment of the electronics supply chain.   The experts in our Semiconductor Solutions, Circuitry Solutions, and Assembly Solutions divisions collaborate in design, implementation, and technical service to ensure success for our partner clients.  Our solutions enable our customers’ manufacture of extraordinary electronic devices at high productivity and reduced cycle time. Find more at




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