DuPont Launches Pyralux AG Flexible Circuit Materials

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DuPont’s expertise in polymer chemistry has made its line of Pyralux laminates the industry leader in flexible circuit materials for over 30 years. Today, Pyralux boasts a diverse portfolio designed to meet the various flexible circuit needs of consumers in the telecommunications, defense, automotive, aerospace, and medical industries. This year, DuPont continues to grow this portfolio by launching Pyralux AG—a new copper-clad laminate that will enable fabricators to seamlessly transition from prototypes to high volume manufacturing.

Pyralux AG is DuPont’s first copper-clad laminate to be offered in both sheets and rolls with global availability. This means that a fabricator will be able to build a prototype in one region and transfer to commercial production in another region without having to change materials, saving time and money on requalification. Since its launch, Pyralux AG has already been qualified in numerous applications in consumer electronics, including sensors, speakers, batteries, and cameras for smartphones. Beyond consumer electronics, Pyralux AG is also ideal for certain medical and automotive applications.

Pyralux AG is an all-polyimide, double-sided copper-clad laminate that is IPC 4204/11 certified and UL 94 V-0 rated. Typical values for loss tangent and dielectric constant are 0.007 and 3.2, respectively, and dimensional stability is within ±0.07%. It is a drop-in solution that is fully compatible with all conventional flexible circuit fabrication processes, including oxide treatment and wet-chemical, plated-through-hole desmearing. It is offered with electrodeposited and rolled annealed copper in balanced constructions that can range in thickness from seven μm to 35 μm (1 oz/ft2). The dielectric thicknesses range from one-half to two mils. The standard size of a sheet is 18 in. by 24 in. (TD x MD) and a standard roll is 19.7 in. (500 mm) by 328 ft (100 m). Contact your DuPont representative to inquire about product formats and technical data.

Pyralux AG is just the latest addition to DuPont’s broad portfolio of laminates.

  • Pyralux AP is the industry standard in terms of electrical and mechanical performance and has withstood the most demanding applications for over 30 years; today, it is playing a key role in the emergence of 5G in advanced telecommunications, military, and aerospace applications
  • Pyralux LF is a dependable, acrylic-based product that is offered as a copper-clad laminate, coverlay, bondply, and sheet adhesive
  • For applications requiring a UL rating, Pyralux FR is a flame-retardant, acrylic-based product that is offered as a copper-clad laminate, coverlay, bondply, and sheet adhesive
  • Pyralux TK is a fluoropolymer/polyimide composite, double-sided copper-clad laminate that exhibits the lowest loss characteristics on the market
  • Pyralux HT is a bonding film with the highest service temperature available and low-loss performance when paired with Pyralux AP in high-frequency applications

Outside of Pyralux AG, DuPont has a range of products that play a key role in consumer electronics.

  • Pyralux TAH and TAHS are all-polyimide, double- and single-sided copper-clad laminates that recently were qualified by a major OEM for their high-frequency antenna application
  • Pyralux HXC is a black coverlay that is the market leader in applications where a uniform, matte black appearance is required
  • Pyralux AC is a single-sided, all-polyimide copper-clad laminate that is ideal for applications requiring thin, light, and high-density circuitry along with chip-on-flex attachment

Beyond the Pyralux product line, DuPont offers Interra, a line of embedded capacitance laminates for rigid printed circuit boards, and Temprion, a line of thermal management materials. Interra thin copper-clad laminates are replacing surface-mount chip capacitors in rigid boards, and ultimately increasing reliability, reducing costs, simplifying designs, and decreasing packaging sizes. Temprion products are films and laminates with high thermal conductivities that can dissipate heat in the harshest conditions seen in automotive, defense, and aerospace applications.

To learn more about Pyralux, Interra and Temprion products, visit our or contact your DuPont representative.



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