CIMS Debuts Through Laser Via Inspection Solution

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Through laser via is a process of producing through-holes in ultra-high density PCB and IC substrates using laser drilling systems. This advanced process achieves much smaller diameter holes compared to traditional mechanical drilling.

The Galaxy VIA series is CIMS' latest solution for inspecting through laser via produced with this process. It is designed to detect all types of defects within the holes and control the narrowing down of the drill opening, sometimes referred to as via neck.

Galaxy VIA systems are equipped with brand new illumination called ViaLight, designed for transmissive light inspection to get the most accurate image of the interior of the holes.

The systems in the Galaxy VIA series are capable of inspecting through laser via drills as small as 20 microns in diameter, can detect undersize and oversize defects, contamination and debris inside, can identify plugged or missing holes as well as drill shifts beyond allowable tolerances.

Powerful statistical packages further extend capabilities of Galaxy VIA series providing real time process control used for laser drill tool calibration.

The Galaxy VIA 20μ model has been showcased during the last CTEX show in Suzhou, China.



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