NPL Webinar on Effect of Bias on CAF Failures of Electronic Circuits

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Achieving high reliability in service is the key issue in today’s high-density electronic circuits. And the voltage applied to the electronic circuit plays a very important role in electrochemical reliability. Insulation resistance (IR) measurement has been widely used to predict and evaluate the reliability of electronic circuit. But the test voltages for existing IR measurement are only up to 300V. With the trend toward more electric vehicles, measurements need to be conducted at significantly increased voltages to understand potential new failure mechanism when using voltages up to 1,000V.

In line with this, the National Physical Laboratory will hold a webinar on July 16, 2019 to help the industry understand the effect of bias (up to 1,000V) on conductive anodic filament (CAF) failures of electronic circuits. For this webinar, NPL has commissioned a 1,000V IR test facility for demonstration.

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