Gardien Launches Fault Analysis Tool 'FaultStation'

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When people think of investment, they usually assess that against a return for the dollars invested. Gardien considers investment into R&D crucial to business growth and has smoothly woven it into the culture.

As a company, Gardien has always been committed to offering the clients solutions with the greatest value. The pursuit of quality is always at the forefront of its vision. Gardien’s philosophy regarding investing in research and development is transparent –continue on the path of steady improvement and strengthen our services, operations and products. It also helps our clients (who we like to refer to as partners) in achieving their future growth goals.

To further this ideology, Gardien partnered with Ucamco, a sister company, to invest and develop a special version of their analysis software FaultStation.

Ucamco is a leader in the PCB CAM software, Laser Photoplotters and Direct Imaging Systems. By teaming up, Gardien and Ucamco developed the smart FaultStation while keeping the customer’s needs and requirements in mind.

FaultStation is an analytical tool designed for Gardien operators to quickly and accurately identify faults as reported by Electrical Test Equipment.  FaultStation will notably increase throughput by taking guesswork out of fault identification. With today’s varied product mix, the small features on the boards become extremely difficult to differentiate. The new test point windows, when enabled, automatically zoom to the test points identified in the fault, making the operation efficient and effective. It negates the possibility of missing an actual fault and allowing an escape.

FaultStation is in use at all Gardien locations worldwide. With Gardien’s exceptionally low escape rate, this proves the effectiveness of FaultStation in all our independent Service Centers as well as our larger Integrate operations.

About The Gardien Group

The Gardien Group ( has been at the forefront in offering independent and unbiased QA solutions across the globe since 1981. We are recognized for our emphasis on technical excellence, comprehensive client support and high standards. We have professional, skilled and committed teams led by forward-thinking leaders who set high performance standards. With 18 service centers across 6 countries, we bring our expertise to you wherever you might need it.



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