FPCB Maker Flexium Tapping 5G, IoT Application Opportunities

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Flexible PCB specialist Flexium Interconnect is looking to explore more application opportunities for its products beyond handsets, especially those for use in 5G and IoT devices, with 5G antenna modules likely to see explosive demand earlier, Digitimes quoted company chairman MC Cheng as saying.

Cheng said at a recent shareholders meeting that Flexium's revenues for 2019 will be roughly the same as those recorded in 2018, although the company has slightly adjusted downward its revenue projections made in early 2019 amid uncertainties of the US-China trade war.

FPCB makers will face a major turning point when 5G commercialization kicks off in 2020, Cheng commented, reasoning that it will be a growing trend for supply chain players to form alliances in the 5G and IoT era and those failing to enter the alliances at the very beginning may be denied business opportunities.



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